Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pig Farmer Jobs Abroad Australia

15 Pig Farmer ---- Australia


  • Male/Female
  • 40 years old and below
  • Graduate of BS Animal Husbandry or Veterinary Medicine
  • With at least 5 years hands on experience as Breeding Supervisor or Farrowing Supervisor
  • IELTS score of 6 in all band

Qualified applicants for the said Pig Farmer Jobs Abroad Australia are advised to initially send resume with photo via email to apply@laumelintl.com and personally submit 2 sets of the following requirements in A4 size bond paper to the office of Lau Mel International Entertainment Promotion Inc.

  1. Updated Resume with detailed job description and photo
  2. Certificates of Employment (previous to present)
  3. Copy of Training Certificates related to the job applying for
  4. Copy of Diploma
  5. Copy of Passport
  6. Copy of NBI Clearance
  7. Copy of valid IELTS Certificate
  8. 6 pcs. passport size I.D. pictures
  9. Long brown envelope and plastic envelope
  10. CD containing your MS Word format resume with photo and scanned copy of employment certificates, diploma, IELTS, and passport

For more details or inquiries about the said pig farmer jobs abroad Australia, feel free to call the office of Lau Mel International by way of their telephone number listed below.

Note: For manpower pooling only

Lau'Mel International Entertainment Promotion, Inc.
3rd Floor Pierre N Paul Building
A. Flores cor. Mabini Street
Tel No: +63 (2) 536 3617
Fax No: +63 (2) 525 2651
Email Add: info@laumelintl.com
Web Add: www.laumelintl.com

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