Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welding Job Vacancies Japan

A POEA accredited recruitment agency is currently accepting applications to fill Welding Job Vacancies Japan. And to fill the said welding job vacancies Japan, the POEA approved a job order allowing a recruitment agency located in Malate, Manila to select and recruit 42 qualified applicants for the said welding job vacancies Japan.

If you are interested to apply for the said Welding Job Vacancies Japan, proceed directly to the office of Confederal Project Manpower Services Inc. and submit your resume and application. For any question related to the said welding job vacancies Japan, you may contact Confederal Project Manpower Services Inc. thru their telefax number provided below.

Confederal Project Manpower Services Inc.
Taft Business Center, 3rd Floor S-F & G
2143-2159 Taft Avenue, Malate
Telefax: 4125263


  1. hi,
    i am Ernesto Banting Batrina, from the Philippines, 37 years of age. with a technical course of general arc welding and also had knowledge in using TIG welding, I passed the trade test actual examination in NMYC trade testing, in 1991 a had my work in Nissan Motors Philippines. Sir/Ma'am it is a great opportunity working abroad and i would like to be one of them, to be a welder or a welder assistant.
    thank you very much

  2. Have a Pleasant Day!!
    I am Karen B. Gonzales, 28 years old. I want to apply as a welder or assistant abroad. I graduated from Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), had a NC II certificate already. I worked as a female welder at Yakal Construction here in our Town (Ormoc City, Leyte). I know how weld using oxyacetylene and cutting also.
    I am very eager to work abroad because it is a great opportunity for me as a single mom. If you find interest with my application please email me..
    Thanks for kind consideration and More Power!
    Karen Gonzales

  3. I was told that welding jobs are plentiful in Japan. Curious as to what the pay rate is. Was told the jobs are averaging around &200,000.