Friday, December 4, 2009

POEA Abroad Work Australia

For the month of November, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration approved numerous job orders for POEA Abroad Work Australia. The said abroad work vacancies are for different positions needed to fill the manpower shortage in the different work sectors in Australia. For this abroad work Australia, various recruitment agencies are looking for Filipino applicants who will qualify for each POEA approved abroad work Australia. Below is the breakdown of the abroad work vacancies in Australia which includes the vacant position, the date the POEA job order was approved, and the number of applicants to be recruited for each abroad work Australia vacancy.

Mechanical Fitter ------------------------ 11/20/2009 ----- 1
Panel Beater/Spray Painter --------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 4
Boilermaker ------------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 10
Boilermaker/Welder ----------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Carpenter ------------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 4
Chef ------------------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Cold Larder Chef ------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Chef de Partie --------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 1
Production Planning Controller ------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 3
Die Cutter ------------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Demi Chef de Partie --------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Drafts Person --------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 4
Diamond Driller -------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 4
Electrician ------------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 4
HV Electrician --------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 5
Metal Fabricator ------------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 3
Fixed Plant Mechanical Fitter ------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 10
Mobile Mechanical Fitter ----------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 20
CNC Machinist --------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 3
First Class Machinist --------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Machinist/Fitter ------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Construction Manager ------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 1
Restaurant Manager --------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Stone Mason ---------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 1
Bus Mechanic -------------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Diesel/Fitter Mechanic ------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic ------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 42
Mechanical Tradesperson ---------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 1
Client Services Officer ------------------ 11/19/2009 ----- 1
Mechanical Maintenance Technician ----- 11/19/2009 ----- 4
Process Technician --------------------- 11/19/2009 ----- 2
Butcher -------------------------------- 11/16/2009 ----- 1
Boilermaker ----------------------------- 11/5/2009 ------ 37
Electrical Lineman ---------------------- 11/5/2009 ------ 20
Refrigeration Technician ---------------- 11/5/2009 ------ 20
Abattoir Worker ------------------------ 11/5/2009 ------ 70

To all Filipinos who have experience in the above mentioned field of work and wishes to apply for their chosen POEA abroad work Australia, must leave their comment at the comment section at the end of this article. The comment must include their Email address, the position they wish to apply to, and the date of the job order approval of their chosen position in the above mentioned abroad work Australia. All queries for this abroad work Australia will be responded the soonest possible time.


  1. I am currently working as a Technical Coordinator/Machinist in Bauio City. I'm very much interested for job opening as CNC Machinist or First Class Machinist with approval job order last Nov. 19, 2009 in Australia.I have more than 12years of actual experience in machining and operating different Machines.I hope you can accommodate me..My email address is

  2. I am currently working as a machinist at Dienamiktool company here in Manila, I am applying for machinist/fitter with the job approval last November 19, 2009. With the knowledge and experience that i have, I am qualified for that position, I hope i can discuss to you more regarding for that position. My email address is thank you so much

  3. I am Currently looking for a work in a Restaurant.I am applying for restaurant manager with the job approval last november 19,2009.With my 5 years of experience working in a restaurant gastronomique in france,i believe i am qualified for the said position.hope to hear from you soon.My email address is you in advance.

  4. good day!sir,ma'am kindly give me some details about the position that i am applying for.i'm currently working here in saudi arabia as a cnc machinist which is vacant and with a approval job order last nov.19,2009.i already gained 7 yrs. working experience as an operator/programmer e-mail address is for your possible reply and consideration.thanks and godbless.

  5. Good day! i am an ex abroad, i worked as a machine operator and maintenance for 2 years and a half, now currently unemployed but i just finished my training course as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technician at TESDA. Now i am an active applicant for a hope to get hired abroad in line with my training knowledge. please let me know if i am qualified. I am always available for any development at +639397954038, my e-mail address is

    Thank you!

  6. Madam / Sir. Good day. I would like to inquire and apply for the position as Electrician with job order date last 11/19/2009. I am currently working here at Jubail, KSA.

    Information as follows:
    Leadman - Electrical for 7yrs.
    email ad:

    Thank you for your usual support.

    More Power.

    Respectfully yours,

    Joveth O. Santiago

  7. MADAM / SIR ..GOOD day..i would like to inquire and apply in this position as electrical lineman with job order date last 11/19/2009. i have more than 7yrs years experience as one of the lineman of the (VRESCO) V-M-C-RURAL ELECTRIC SERVICE COOPERATIVE here in the Negros occidental please let me know if i am qualified. I am always available for any development at 09997835694 my email add:

  8. sir / ma'am, i would like to apply as electrician or electrical lineman with job order date 11/19/2009 and 11/5/2009 respectively. i am very much interested. please let me know also if i am qualified. my email add: thank you.

  9. hi, i would like to inquire about the electrical lineman. is it maintenance? or for contractual? i'm very much interested pls email thank you

  10. sir/ ma'am i would like to apply as electrical lineman with job order 11/5/2009 respectively. Is it maintenance lineman or contractual? I am very much interested to know the details. pls email me thank you